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Easter is the time of awakening: The nature is waking up from hibernation and brings family and friends together at one table to celebrate the comming summer. It is not unusual that colorful Eastereggs are finding their place at the table. They are smybolizing the force of this extraordinary season around the beginning of spring. It is a perfect opportunity to offer an especially exclusive taste, which is also made from eggs. But these aren’t coming from the hen, they are coming from the sturgeon. Yes, we are talking about caviar.

The salted roe is known as a delicacy for the highest demands worldwide. And we, the specialists of Attilus Caviar, want to fulfill excatly these requirements. Since many years, at our fishery in Jessen, near to the Schwarze Elster we are producing products with highest quality for gourmets and connoisseurs. Our most important creations are our worldwide popular Royal Siberian Caviar and Royal Oscietra Cavia, which are being produced, like every of our specialities, in a sustained way.

The egg unites quality and environmental awareness – and so, we have the connection to Easter.

Caviar is produced close to nature and its taste was known to give strengh to the body, centuries before. Everyone who wants to have something exclusive for the holidays should swap the sweet eastereggs with a suprise of the extra class. Also, you don’t need to give up the search, but not in the garden: who let’s act caviar at the palate will find new flavors in its complex taste.

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